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Non-governmental scientific organization founded in 1993. ATA has more than 100 members.

The basic trends of ATA activities:

⦁ Elaboration and introduction of environmentally clean technologies.
⦁ Determination of regional technological development priorities.
⦁ Promoting the development and the advancement of technology.

Projects of Armenian Technological Academy:

⦁ Alternative Energy: solar, wind energy, mini and micro hydroelectricity.
⦁ Elaboration of non-drug methods of treatment, health recovery and maintenance of an active human longevity.
⦁ Establishment of industrial installations of water activation for farms, poultry farms, fish farms, SPA centers, hotels, private houses, apartment buildings and swimming pools.
⦁ Full processing of Jerusalem artichoke based on biotechnology.
⦁ Fish pond breeding technology. Production of red and black caviar.
⦁ Nanotechnology. Laser synthesis of nanomaterials. Pure metals.
⦁ Tanning and dyeing skin/leather.
⦁ Neurodegeneration. Accelerated language learning.
⦁ Oncology.
⦁ Strengthening the immune system, activated water Shower.
⦁ Restoration of the organism’s microelement balance by ionized
water solution, studies on micro-doses treatment.
⦁ Video encyclopedia Armenians in world culture.
⦁ Health centre based on the organism self-regulation principles,
methods of the activation of the own stem cells.
⦁ Restoration of the bowels’ micro-flora with the bevel-sour bacteriums.
⦁ The cosmic weather influence on people’s health, method of
early notification.
⦁ Ecologically pure and natural products for medical purposes.
⦁ Cheese production technologies such as Swiss and Lori.
⦁ Increase of building seismic stability.
⦁ Usage of zeolite for crop capacity and production for ecologically
pure agriculture products.
⦁ Combat land desertification. Afforestation in arid areas on accelerated technology.
⦁ Emergency equipment.
⦁ Reducing air friction of fast-moving objects.